Mike Frailey is a Vietnamese-American photographer, videographer, content creator and teacher based on Hawaii Island. Mike spent the early years of his life in Viet Nam during the American and Viet Nam conflict. At the end of the war at age 9, Frailey was part of “Operation Babylift” which brought over 2,500 war orphans to the U.S. and placed them with American families.  Frailey went to Arnold, Missouri which is where he grew up, graduated high school and went to college. While serving in the Missouri Air National Guard, Frailey concurrently worked for a Fortune 500 company as technical and sales representative for 25 years.  Frailey’s experience as a youth living in a war zone then given the gift of adoption to make a life for himself makes Mike truly appreciate everyday as a gift. Frailey’s hobbies are cooking, traveling, hiking, outdoor activities, and sharing life’s beauty seen through the lens of his camera. Please Contact him to learn more about his services and works.  Additionally, you can follow him on social media.